Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Review (iOS)

Skylanders: Cloud Patrol | Vicarious Visions & Frima Studio | iOS | £0.69 | Released: 05/04/2012

Over recent years, the market for mobile games has grown larger than anyone could have expected, probably due to the immensely popular Angry Birds. It didn’t take long for Activision to jump onto the mobile market and bring all your favourite Skylanders heroes to our mobile and not-so-mobile iOS devices in the form of ‘Skylanders: Cloud Patrol’. With so much competition on the iOS market for simple and addictive games – does Cloud Patrol blow you away or just come crushing down to earth?

The game is a on-rails shooter where the objective is to shoot formations of Troll enemies off floating islands to progress through the game. You can choose to simply tap the Trolls which fires a single blast at them earning you some coins and a few points or you can swipe your finger across multiple trolls and other breakables to gain combo bonuses. Each group of Trolls is a different stage and when you’ve defeated one group you move onto the next stage. There are some hazards such as bombs and enemies that will fire projectiles at you but these can be easily avoided – and also used to your advantage when using magic items such as the Sky Iron Shield.

When you’re not battling enemies, you can spend some of the coins and gems that you’ve collected during the game upgrading your magic items, giving your Skylanders new abilities and even unlocking those Skylanders and magic items that you don’t physically own. For the Skylanders that you’ve already bought and use in your console adventure, you can unlock them in Cloud Patrol with their web codes – though it’s certainly a pain to type each one individually and I would have preferred a system where your iOS device can scan the bar code on the web code card.

The good thing is, you can still play the game if you don’t own any Skylanders at all. However don’t be surprised if you’re stuck with one character for a very long time, though it shouldn’t make much of a difference as there isn’t really much difference in characters besides their individual upgrade and the ‘element of the day’ bonus, where you gain bonus points for using a Skylander of the ‘element of the day’.

The game play itself is such a simple formula that it becomes incredibly addicting to play. It’s defiantly one of those games where you’ll find yourself playing it again and again to beat your previous score and with little challenges that reward you with extra gems when you complete them, it’ll keep you playing for hours – especially if your determined to buy all the upgrades and Skylanders from the shop. On top of all the in game collectibles and upgrades, the game also supports achievements for those with their iOS device linked up to Game Center.

The only real downside I can think to this game is that it’s not very difficult. Though that should be expected of a kids game, it even gets to the point where some of the magic items make parts that could be considered hard too easy – and when you have the Sky Iron Shield active you actually gain a huge number points for tapping bombs that would otherwise kill you. Other than that, it’s not a bad game at all and considering how cheap it is, I would recommend it to fans of the series – in fact I imagine that anyone who enjoys fun little addictive games would enjoy Cloud Patrol; whether your a fan of the Skylanders series or not.


Pros Cons
Simple and fun game play Could be more difficult


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  1. CrystalFissure September 30, 2012 3:25 am  Reply

    On-rails shooter? Whenever I think of that subgenre, it gives me nightmares about “Ape Escape PS3″, which was a shit on-rails shooter. Should’ve been a platformer.

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