Crass Down Under Episode 1 – The Future of Crash Bandicoot

The CrassCast Australians debut their new podcast with a discussion on Crash Bandicoot of 90’s platforming fame.

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Andrew C.

Commonly known as “CrystalFissure”, Andrew has a deep, almost concerning love for 90’s music and video gaming. He also enjoys playing old games and ranting about shit that only him and about 10 other people care about. Unlike some of the other members of CrassCast, he doesn’t use his “weight as a weapon”.

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  1. CrystalFissure February 7, 2013 11:08 pm  Reply

    This was up pretty quick. In the future, Angus or I can upload it for convenience. As for the logo image, I can reshape it if I need to. Angus gave me the dimensions so I wasn’t sure what would fit or not. When I get home I can fix it.

  2. MrFraserFilms2009 February 8, 2013 6:58 am  Reply

    I think the chances of seeing another Crash game is quite low.
    Just look at the games industry these days. Not even Insomniac is able to make a proper full Ratchet and Clank. They made Q-Force, but it was really spin-off, not a full game. It sold well, but from what I can see, it didn’t succeed commercially well in the mainstream market. (At least from what I assume. I could have been mis-informed)

    If Crash were in the hands of another Publisher. It might have a better chance of having it’s ‘own’ game. Actvision being a big company, they have to impress share-holders. And previous Crash Games (AKA the titans series) have sold decently, but have also gotten very low reviews. It would be difficult explaining to the share holders that a Crash Bandicoot game would do well, and would make a ‘HUGE’ profit.

    At the most, we might see a Crash Skylander one day. But giving Crash his own game would be risky, especially considering how dwindling the Crash fanbase is. Crash Bandicoot’s dedicated fanbase is really quite small. (That fanbase being those weird autistic kids that have Bandicoot in their usernames, want to fuck Coco, and spend their time drawing Crash Bandicoot pictures on Deviant Art all day)

    Now this is the fanbase they need to look at to guarantee the game would sell well. Meanwhile, the rest of the fanbase are either people like us, who aren’t that dedicated to the series or people who have grown up and most likely moved on from Crash. They might say they want a new Crash game, and they might still like and upvote a Crash bandicoot picture or Reddit for the sake of Nostalgia… but at the end of the day, how many of them would drop $60+ right now to buy a new Crash Bandicoot game on launch week. Would Ratchet for example, go out and buy a PS3 to get the latest Crash game?

    Unfortunately, because Crash Bandicoot really is an old game only relevant to people from that era, there really isn’t a wide audience for Crash that would guarantee the game good sales.

    I’m not saying Crash Bandicoot will never ever come. Heck, I could be wrong. But that’s just my silly little theory for why there probably will be no Crash Game.

    *Also note to Chrisitan. The comment box keeps cluster-fucking-spaghettying out on me.

  3. PVI February 10, 2013 7:02 am  Reply

    Interesting points. Looking forward to more great stuff!

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Rct3fan00 March 28, 2013 12:04 am  Reply

    Guys, just youtube Crash Bandicoot Crystals Wrath.

    The best LEGIT and IN PROGRESS Crash game you’ll see. It is fanmade. But easily looks good enough to not be fanmade. Check out these videos.

    ^^^ Showing off some animations.

    ^^^ Showing off a cutscene.

    ^^^^^^ Evolution of Crash’s Model for this fan game,

    Half hour of answering question about the game ^^^^

    And finally, 10 mins of pure gameplay, everything you see is in progress. vvvvvvv

    YOU ARE ALL… Welcome :D

  5. Angus D. April 23, 2013 12:57 pm  Reply

    Crassic Times.

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