CrassCast Episode 21 – Homefront Sold For Half-Eaten Crisps

With THQ being gutted and sold, we reminisces on the less than steller games from THQ.

Thanks to CrystalFissure for the intro and outro music; click here for more of his music.

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Christian Cowell

Christian has been described as acting like a “fat lass in a cake shop” when talking to indie developers. Ironically, Christian is a bit fat. His site responsibilties include writing articles and complaining when the site is down.

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  1. M2K February 1, 2013 8:06 am  Reply

    Too bad to see THQ go. They were a great company that made a lot of good games, and they’ll be missed. I guess it’s a big warning to other developers- a few critical mistakes, and their IP’s will be sold away for nothing!

    We’ll see how much of the process is repeated in the Atari sale coming up soon. A lot of IP’s are changing hands these days- the gaming landscape in the next few years is more uncertain than ever!

    Good to hear CrystalFissure’s Music in there- my favorite one no less. Nicely done guys!

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