Let’s Be Frank… The Wii U Sucks

Consoles mean nothing if their aren’t any games, and that is the Wii U’s biggest fault.

Samuel LeDoux

American editor for CrassCast and a freelance journalist. Former writer for The Game Fanatics, Freezecracker, FinalSmash and the Santa Fe New Mexican. A man so dedicated to gaming media that he waited in a dump all day for Atari games to be dug up.

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  1. PVI April 6, 2013 11:46 pm  Reply

    I agree, the Wii-U things biggest problem is the game library, though this has been plaguing Nintendo for awhile. Developers of “traditional” titles are focusing on the “power” console section of the market, namely the PS3/XBOX 360, and to a lesser degree PC. There’s no easy way to make a good port of a lot of current games to the Wii-U due to it’s unusual control scheme, atypical mechanics, and it’s inferior technical specifications. Don’t get me wrong, I want to like the console, but without developers there’s not much to do with it. I know their latest point has been “watch Netflix on it!” which most new TVs can do out of the box these days. Oh well. Good show Mr. LeDoux!

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