Skylanders 3 is on its way!

February has only just begun and we’re already beginning to hear some info on the inevitable Skylanders 3. For those of you who’ve stuck around with us since last year you’ll know that in late January 2012, Activision bought the domain which turned out to be for the sequel that was released in October of the same year.

Now, one year later, and Activision have done it again – this time buying 4 different domains;

This leaves us with 4 possible names for a Skylanders sequel, or names for future iOS games. One of the more interesting names is ‘Skylanders: Kaos Alliance’. In a tour around the TFB offices, the HD room were allowed a sneak-peak at a large selection of prototype figurines for the Skylanders series; and even some unannounced variants that were later officially released. One thing that stands out however is an image of a group of Kaos’ figurines, that were apparently sculpted for fun after the ending of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

The article goes on to mention:

I was told he could be in the third Skylanders game and the way I was told makes me think he’s already on the drawing board.

This, along with the ending of Skylanders: Giants, leads me to believe that the title ‘Kaos Alliance’ – or some variation upon that – would be the most likely from the list; or at least the game would have something to do with an alliance with the series’ main villain. Maybe he will even be a playable character that comes with the game?

If the previous two years is to be believed, then we can expect a full announcement from Activision on their Skylanders-related plans within the next few weeks when Toy Fair 2013 starts on the 10th of February.


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