Vybe Haptic Gaming Chair – CrassCast @ CES 2013

The Vybe haptic gaming chair has to be one of the most embarrassing displays I’ve ever seen at a press show ever. The chair was “showcased” on some of the most uncomfortable laid back wooden chairs I’ve ever sat on. What makes those chairs worse is the fact that the product is constantly sliding back in forth. The set up was also a joke, they had a 55inch HD LG television which looks good from far away, but hooked up to it was a 4gb Xbox 360 playing Halo 4 split screen in SD.

"The set up was also a joke"

The product itself was just an absolute mess; the purpose of the product is to detect certain sound waves from the game and use it to vibrate the chair. Maybe Halo 4 was just a bad example, but the chair was constantly vibrating at full blast through out the 3 levels I played through. The only time the chair stopped vibrating was when the game was paused. I also couldn’t tell if the intensity was changing at all, there was just constant vibration all at the same level and all in the same areas.

"It's Disney Magic"…

When I asked the exhibit staff how the machine worked he literally told me, “It’s Disney Magic, I’m not too sure.” When I asked for information he pointed to a large cardboard cutout with a child screaming on it. The kid was holding a PS1 controller and the box didn’t really provide much information but the name. The entire experience made video games look bad, using Halo 4’s story mode was a mistake simply because the folks who came by to play with me kept asking where the “bad guys” were. They ended up just sitting on the chair shooting the gun, saying “that’s cool” and walking off.

The chair didn’t enhance my gaming experience, they’d be better off advertising it as a massage chair that pauses when you do. The fact that this was one of the biggest booths at CES’ gaming showcase makes the entire industry look bad.

Samuel LeDoux

American editor for CrassCast and a freelance journalist. Former writer for The Game Fanatics, Freezecracker, FinalSmash and the Santa Fe New Mexican. A man so dedicated to gaming media that he waited in a dump all day for Atari games to be dug up.

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