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YouTube was giving me difficulty this week, and I simply didn’t have enough time last week to upload an episode. Sorry about that, but now that Summer here, expect an episode every weekend as originally planned.

This week we have two PlayStation 2 games. One of them was a game I picked up a few years ago for $5.99 that I bought on an impulse buy, and the other was a classic Diablo-like game published by Midway.

For more videos from Cody, check out his Youtube Channel.

Welcome to the first episode of Crashpro3’s Retro Portal. In Retro Portal, we’ll be taking brief looks at classic video games from the early days of gaming, up to any game released (at least) six years ago (2006 being the most recent year possible in this case). The games will be shown in no particular order, and can range from me knowing a lot about the game, to games I haven’t played in years, or even to completely new games.

Each episode will be roughly 45-60 minutes long, and two games will be shown off during that time. Names of the games played will not be provided in the title of the episode until the next episode is uploaded to keep an element of surprise.

Please be sure to post your feedback on this, and feel free to suggest any games you’d like to see on the show.