Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server

CrassCast now has a Minecraft server! Based in London, the server is avaliable 24/7 and provides users with a grief-free environment to build, with discreet anti-griefing mods, frequent map backups and friendly, decidated admins. We only ask that users follow a single rule; to respect other users builds and property.

To server is currently whitelisted. To join the server, leave your Minecraft username in the comments below, or email it to CrassCastPodcast@gmail.com, and you’ll be added within 24 hours.

This server has since been closed. We may reopen it in the future, but until then, thank you for playing.

10 Responses

  1. avatar Matt says:


  2. avatar joris says:


  3. avatar MICHAEL says:

    Timeforvenning :)

  4. avatar Edith1999 says:

    pls can i join, i never kill greif or steal and i can be trusted.
    I want to join because i love minecraft! :)

  5. avatar Bob says:


  6. avatar james_jack says:

    pls can i join i cant get on to any severs, im not very good at killing and i can show every body some new ways to lock there chest in severs
    my minecraft name is james_jack

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